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Become a member today

Be part of something big

Buying one of these Hakoah memberships is about much more than the package benefits.

It’s about igniting transformative change for our community through the building of a central hub for us all.

Hakoah needs you now

To bring the dream of Hakoah to life, and unlock the significant funding already pledged by major donors and government, we must show wide support in the community for Hakoah memberships. 

By purchasing a membership today, you aren’t just dreaming about a future where we can be together again, you’re helping to create that future. 

So if you can, buy a membership for yourself, give the gift of membership to a loved one, or become a partner with us and purchase a foundation membership for your whole family. 

The benefits of membership

Everyone will be welcome to come and enjoy the multitude of activities on offer at Hakoah. 

Whether you want to use the sports facilities, get a smoothie at the café, eat dinner at the restaurant or sign up for many exciting events, your Hakoah membership will give you fantastic discounts. 

A clever financial decision, and a wonderful way to support this groundbreaking initiative.

Early Membership Opportunities

We’ve carefully crafted a range of foundation and pre-opening membership packages to suit everyone.

Support Hakoah by joining today and getting great value.

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Foundation Memberships

Become a 3 year, 10 year or Lifetime Foundation Member and lock in amazing value for years to come.

Pre-Opening 1 Year Memberships

Show your support and enjoy a great discount of up to 25% off your first year of membership

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FAQs and Terms & Conditions

Read our answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions.

Read the Hakoah Membership Terms and Conditions.

Key points


Foundation Members can pay half now, and half when the club opens, or you can choose to pay in one lump sum now.  

Tax deductibility

Membership is not tax deductible. Separate donations are fully tax deductible.


Foundation Members (Life and 10) will be appropriately acknowledged, along with major donors, in the club. 

Gold Star members

Gold Star members from Hall Street will automatically retain their Gold Star membership.

Contact Us

Phone: 1300 HAKOAH (1300 425 624)

Email: support@hakoah.com.au

Thank you to Canvas for giving substantial pro bono support to the Hakoah at White City project.