What value do I get by signing up now as opposed to when the club opens?

In addition to knowing that your membership helped get Hakoah catalysed into existence, the memberships available now are either discounted (pre-opening memberships) or available for a limited time only (foundation memberships). To learn more about these options visit our membership section.

Do you have to be Jewish to be a member?

Anyone can join as a member. Indeed, 25% of the members of the Hakoah at Hall Street were non-Jewish.

Must my membership be approved in order to join?

Hakoah is a registered club. Please note applications are subject to approval by the board in accordance with the Club’s Constitution

Do you have to be a member to use the facilities?

There will be various services on the site which will not require a membership. Members will be able to access the clubhouse, bar, swimming pool, and restaurant, and will receive discounts on use of other facilities. In the interests of making this venture a success, users of the facilities are encouraged to become members.

Membership of the gym is separate. People will be able to become members of the gym without becoming members of Hakoah Club, and we anticipate many local Paddington residents will choose to become members of the gym only.

What is the difference between club membership and a gym membership?

A Club membership gives you access to the bar, restaurant, clubhouse and pool.  It also provides a strong indication that you are a supporter of the club and its goals.  A gym membership only entitles you to use the gym.  At this stage we are only selling club memberships.

Is Hakoah going to be inclusive?

Yes, Hakoah will welcome and embrace people from all parts of the Jewish community and the broader community. Individuals and groups from across the community will be able to attend programs, use the facilities and rent spaces for their own needs.

Hakoah will also be financially inclusive, and everyone will be welcome to engage with activities at Hakoah through the generosity of the financial aid initiative: Hakoah Cares.

At Hakoah, we belong to a welcoming, vibrant community that nourishes mind, body, and soul, where everyone is valued, and uniqueness is celebrated. It is a place where Jewish community will take root, grow and sustain us all. People of all ages and stages will feel a sense of connection and Hakoah will quickly become a home away from home.

As part of a community that cares, we know that we are all responsible for one another. Collectively, we band together to ensure no one is left behind. It is our mission to ensure that people who face financial barriers or who have different abilities have the opportunity to belong. The Hakoah Cares initiative will help to ensure that children, families, seniors, and people with adapted needs can all participate.

Does my membership from Hall Street transfer to this new site?

No, unless you are a Gold Star, Honorary or Life Member. 

Can I buy membership for others?

Yes! Purchasing a membership for someone else is a beautiful way to help support the vision of this project and to give a loved one the unique gift of connection to community. After making the purchase, send the receipt to the recipient and they can fill in the relevant membership forms.

What membership options do you have available now?

We have individual, family and concession memberships available now. We have packaged these into two categories: pre-opening and foundation memberships. 

Pre-opening memberships for one year are focused around providing value and offer a significant discount from what the price will be at opening.

Family $360, Individual $180, and Concession $90

Foundation memberships are focused around making an investment for yourself and/or your family in Hakoah and its vision. They also contain significant discounts.

Lifetime, Foundation 10 years, Foundation 3 years

These memberships are vital to unlocking the funding of our major donors.

Can I transfer my membership to someone else?

No.  In certain circumstances a nominee of an Individual Foundation Lifetime Member can apply to obtain membership in their stead.

If you purchase a family lifetime membership and anyone in that family passes away before January 2028, then that person's membership can be transferred to another family member. If you would like to learn more, please refer to the membership terms and conditions.

What if my dependent children are no longer dependent when the club opens?

We will honour the fact that they were dependent when you purchased the membership and will be included in the family package for the first 3 years of the clubs opening.

Can children under 18 years old join as members?

There will be a junior membership category for those who are under 18 years of age. These members will not have voting rights and other rights available to certain other membership categories. A Family membership can include a junior member.